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In very dry weather it is best to water the lawn before applying Lawn Magic so that the product permeates to the roots.
It is a good idea to spike the lawn - again to allow air and moisture to the roots.
If you are using Lawn Magic for the first time you will notice that some areas will turn brown fairly quickly this is because those patches are moss patches. When the moss turns brown you can either rake the dead moss out and the grass will be able to fill out the space or you can leave the dead moss and this will dry out and blow away- over a period of time.

Application is 100mls of Lawn Magic in sufficient water to cover each 10 square metres of lawn ie roughly 3 good paces by 3 good paces.
The water is just a means of getting 100 mls of product onto the 10 square metres so if you use a quick sweeping motion you will have sufficient water in a 5 litre watering can to cover the 10 square metres, if you are an older person you may have to do it slower so you could use a larger watering can.
Similarly if you are using the spray applicator each 100ml segment covers approx 10 square metres so filling the bottle to 600ml will allow you to cover approx 50 square metres because the last 100mls may not leave the aplicator bottle The key is 100mls Lawn Magic for each 10 square metres of lawn.

Question from Simon.

Can I use Lawn Magic fertiliser and Moss Magic fertiliser at the same time if I have a lot of Moss
Answer --Yes
If time is an issue yes you can.
Fill your watering can with water add 100 mls of Lawn Magic fertiliser followed by 100mls Moss Magic fertiliser having shaken both bottles first. Apply the full watering can to approx 10 square metres (3 strides x 4 strides).
Within 2/3 days the moss will turn a dark colour you will then need to rake the dead moss out, or scarify. This will give the quickest result but if you do not wish to scarify or rake then the dead moss will disappear but it will take a few months and more than one application
Within 10/14 days the area vacated by the moss will have started to fill out with grass. Should there be bare patches you may need to overseed.
It is best to apply the Moss Magic first then rake/scarify then immediately apply Lawn Magic.

We would say for the very best results though follow the 7steps on the moss magic page.


Any plant being moved from one environment to another needs to put down roots and establish itself as quickly as possible. Many newly laid lawns are left to their own devices and depending on the weather may establish or may even die. Most landscapers will tell you not to feed your lawn for some time after it has been laid. The reason for this is that feeds give a lot of top growth which rob vital nutrients from the roots making it very difficult for the new turf to establish. However with Lawn Magic you get the opposite effect. Lawn Magic nourishes the roots with vital nutrients allowing your new turf to establish very quickly. This means you will be able to start using your new lawn much sooner than previously recommended.
When seeding your lawn, whether starting from scratch, overseeding or repairing damaged parts of your lawn you can feed it with Lawn Magic immediately. Lawn Magic will help your seed to germinate and give vigorous early growth. A good tip before sowing your seed is to place it in approximately 2 times the amount of compost the night before. This will allow the seed to absorb the moisture from the compost which will soften the seed coat. This will allow the seed to germinate a little quicker. After sowing keep the seed damp but not soaked until it has germinated.

Many people have tried weed and feeds and have been disappointed. We see killing weeds as a 2 stage process. First you should feed your lawn with Lawn Magic this will get both your weeds and grass growing strongly. After 2 weeks you should then apply a seperate SELECTIVE LAWN WEED KILLER. available from any Garden centre or large store,this will work better because you will have more leaf on the weeds to spray and so it will be much more effective.


No, most lawn feeds contain one or more sources of nitrogen. When placed on the lawn these quickly turn to NITRATE. Nitrate is stored in a plants leaf, after feeding there is always a flush of lush growth. The nitrate in the leaf needs to be processed into proteins by the plant and sent to the areas of need, most importantly the roots. Before this important process takes place people mow the lawn and effectively stop the process dead in its tracks. So the nitrogen feed people pay for ends up in the grass box.
Lawn Magic is stabilised nitrogen in the Ammonium form. When applied to the lawn it remains in this form for a long period. The ammonium does not need to be processed in the leaf therefore Lawn Magic is much more efficient. The nitrogen in Lawn Magic is also specially bonded with Calcium. Calcium plays a very important role. It strengthens the cell wall structure, making the plant less susceptible to disease and pests. It also helps in times of stress by suppressing ethylene, which causes the plant to die. It also can improve the soil structure of heavy, clay soils by helping to naturally break down the clumps of clay into smaller pieces. Calcium in our complexed form can also leach sodium from the soil. Sodium or salt can be very toxic to a plant and can be the cause of deficiency leading to disease.
Yes, Lawn Magic will continue to promote the growth of roots even through the winter period. The Calcium will promote a healthier cell wall structure, which will help to ward of disease.
Yes, it is specially formulated not to burn when hot and not to leach when really wet. We do however recommend that feeding be done early or late in the day during hot weather to minimise excess evaporation.
No, at Garden Wizard we are concerned about the health of plants and believe that by promoting a nutritious balanced diet the natural well being of a plant will give the best effect.
We feel that you should apply it at least once every 4/6 weeks during the growing season March to October. It is important to understand that with any nutritious diet there is an accumulative affect. The health of the lawn needs to be promoted throughout the year to combat the different problems that arise.
No, when Lawn Magic has been diluted and applied to the grass there is no danger to wildlife.

Yes, we urge people to use Lawn Magic on new lawns. It is so important for any newly sited plant to establish itself as quickly as possible. The calcium in Lawn Magic will help the turf through this stressful time.
Yes, the calcium in Lawn Magic will help to break down heavy clay soil, so improving soil structure. The accumulative effect is therefore important but unfortunately it will not remove building debris etc, which are a scourge of the lawns on modern housing estates. It also helps to leach Sodium or Salt out of the soil. Too much sodium can cause deficiencies leading to disease.Contact us.

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